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European Crime Narratives

European Crime Narratives, an international, interdisciplinary CRP on The following is a brief description of the project as it stood, but the group has been reconfigured and is working towards a new submission for HERA funding:

The aim of this collaborative research project is to investigate the way the European crime genre has evolved in the last twenty years and its potential future evolution with regard to its contribution to the construction of a shared European transnational memory, of a transnational community and to the formulation of a renewed notion of cultural canon. The point of departure for our research is the question of the mutual influences between recent interpretations of historical-political events in Europe and crime literature. We aim to investigate the extent to which the development of the genre in Europe post-1989 is linked to the concomitant processes of community building and constructions of identity across nations that have been developing in European society/ies, and to analyse the relation between crime literature and actual socio-cultural concerns that affect European citizens. The collaborative research project will investigate how the crime genre interprets those processes of community building and constructions of identity; what rhetorical and technical strategies – tried and tested or original and innovative – it calls upon to express them; whether and how it is itself shaped by these processes; whether and how it can exercise a transformative function on society in the civic sense.


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