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Identities Cluster

Provisional List of Affiliated Researchers

Linda Connolly, Sociology

Nuala Finnegan, Hispanic Studies

Melanie Marshall, School of Music

Mark Faulkner, School of English

Lee Jenkins, School of English

Alan Gibbs, School of English

Carol Linehan, Management and Marketing

Brendan Richardson, Management and Marketing

Piaras MacEinrí, Geography

Denis Linehan, Geography

Linda Connolly, Sociology

Karl Kitching, Education

Caroline Crowley, Geography

Clíona O’Carroll, Béaloideas

Rachel MagShamhrain, German

Aleksandr Dundjerovic, Drama and Theatre Studies

Mark Chu, Italian,

Silvia Ross, Italian

Sergi Mainer, English

David Ryan, History

David O’Brien, Asian Studies

Helena Buffery, Hispanic Studies

Martín Veiga, Hispanic Studies

Yafa Shanneik, Study of Religions

Oliver Scharbrodt, Study of Religions

James A Kapaló, Study of Religions

Brian Bocking, Study of Religions

Kathy Glavannis, Sociology

Diarmuid Scully, History

Clare O’Halloran, History

James Cronin, History and Centre for Adult and Continuing Education

Irene Lynch-Fannon, Law

Vittorio Buffacchi, Philosophy

Pat Coughlan, English

Diarmuid Bracken, History

Pat Crowley, French

Barry Monahan, English

Allen White, Applied Social Studies

Sheila O’Driscoll, Centre for adult and Continuing Education

Mary O’Shaughnessy, Food Business and Centre for Co-operative Studies

Susan Crawford, Sports Science

Eileen Hogan , Applied Social Studies

Kerstin Fest, German

Gert Hofmann, German

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