PG7048 Generic and Transferable Skills Portfolio

This five-credit module allows PhD students to provide a portfolio to illustrate how activities they have carried out over the course of their PhD studies have contributed to the development of key relevant generic and transferable skills

The 7 areas identified in the Irish Universities’ Graduate Skills Statement are:

  1. Research Skills and Awareness
  2. Ethics and Social Understanding
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Personal Effectiveness and Development
  5. Team Working and Leadership
  6. Career Management
  7. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

To complete this portfolio, you should:

  1. Fill out the PG7048 (47kB) template with details of workshops, seminars and courses you have undertaken along with other activities such as conference presentations, including the indicative number of hours’ work involved.
  2. Provide evidence of undertaking each activity (where applicable). This should amount to at least 20 hours of activities.
  3. Submit a reflective portfolio assignment of 1,500-2,000 words of how the activities you have undertaken contribute to your personal and professional development by enhancing your skills in one or more of the seven skills areas identified. The reflective essay should address the following questions:

a)      What were my learning needs when I started my PhD?

b)      How have I addressed these through undertaking the documented activities?

c)      What have I learned from these activities?

The next deadline for the receipt of completed portfolios is 4.00pm oFriday, 7 April 2017. The portfolio should be submitted in hard copy to the CACSSS Graduate School.

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