Information for Current Students

Information for Current Students

Information for Current Students

This documents are intended to help you during your preparation for studying in China as part of the BA/BCOMM programme, and to give you some useful advice for when you arrive. Read through it once to get an overview, and then go through each section in order to make sure that you have covered everything.

This guide has been produced by the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies, based on a model for ERASMUS students produced by the International Office of UCC. We are happy to try to answer any academic and non-academic questions you might have about your forthcoming year abroad.

We have made every effort to provide both accurate and comprehensive information. However, if, whilst away, you find that any information in this guide is inaccurate or out-of-date, or you come across extra information which would be useful to future students, please pass it on to us so that we may improve it.


Student Agreement Form (17kB)

Course Information (49kB)

Application form for SHU (114kB)

Visa Application Guide UCC Students (281kB)

tips for visa application (15kB)

Visa Application form 2014 (188kB)

Living and arriving in SHU (25kB)

Orientation for BA BCOMM to SHU (300kB)

Cost Estimate (14kB)


BTBU (14,790kB)

Xiamen University of Technology XMUT (2,507kB)

The Chinese Language Council International

Sina: One of the largest infotainment web portal in China
Chinaview: One of the largest English portals in China, providing news, business information, learning materials, travel information etc
South China Morning Post: Hong Kong's premier online English daily
Baidu: China's largest search engine
Kingsoft Powerword: Best Selling Chinese and English dictionary software
Tencent QQ: The most popular instant messenger service and the largest online community in China
Le Cheile Community: A nonprofit, multicultural organization that provides an opportunity for Irish and non-Irish people to make friends, learn about Irish culture, and develop a comfort zone in this big, bustling city.
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